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"Serving as a Principal Investigator in the clinical study, I received feedback from more than 30 patients. The majority had a positive experience and appreciated in2 for delaying ejaculation, being able to use the patch spontaneously /on-demand, maintaining full genital sensations and ease of use. This patch has the potential of being a long-term option for management of PE. ◊ī

Prof. Nicola Mondaini
Villa Donatello Clinic Florence, Italy.

◊ī In my opinion, the patch is more practical than numbing sprays and creams. There's none of that bathroom routine before sex, getting the timing right, and washing it off so we don't numb our partners and all of that. And there aren't the side effects of SSRI medication either. And partners don't mind the patch at all. It doesn't ruin the moment◊ī

Jason Dean
Psychological Therapist
Sex Educator,  UK

◊ī Of the men who tested the patch, the majority had a positive experience for being able to have spontaneous and prolonged intercourse without loss of genital sensitivity.¬†The patch proved to be very safe (no adverse events were reported),¬†easy to use, and has the potential of being a first-line treatment for management of PE. ◊ī

Prof. Rocco Damiano 
Director of the Urological Clinic
Magna Graecia University of Catanzaro Mater Domini University Hospital

◊ī Serving as a Principal Investigator in the clinical study, most of the patients were very satisfied with the effect of prolonging the intercourse without the numbing effect that many popular solutions cause. The patch not only enhanced their sexual experience on a physical level, but the men also gained more confidence and satisfaction in their intimate relations. ◊ī

Dr. Arik Schechter
President Medical Director at Virility Medical

The patches' discreet nature allows us to maintain our spontaneity and avoid the awkwardness that sometimes accompanies using other products such as topical creams.

A remarkable aspect of the patches is the empowerment they bring to both partners. Instead of relying solely on a topical solution that affects one partner's sensations the patches encourage mutual exploration and engagement.  The convenience of these patches cannot be overstated. With easy application and minimal wait time, they seamlessly integrate into intimacy. 

Venus Libido
Sex Educator

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