Should you be Wearing Two Condoms To last Longer?

Martha Kempner - Writer And Sexual Health Expert

5 min read - July 12, 2023

The Internet is full of tips for men who want to delay ejaculation. One of the most popular tips is wearing two condoms to last longer. In this article, we explain why it’s not a good idea and what are the other, more accessible options to prolong intercourse.

Does Wearing Two Condoms Make You Last Longer?

Many condom users complain that they dull sexual sensations. Research shows that there is some truth to these statements. Wearing condoms is associated with lower sensitivity of the penis, especially its tip.

What is a problem for many guys can act in your favor if you’re dealing with premature ejaculation. It’s kind of like getting a back massage on naked skin versus on a T-shirt. A condom acts as a shield, numbing your sensations slightly. Thanks to this, you can pause the climax for a bit longer.

If we stick to this reasoning, wearing more than one condom could further reduce your sensitivity, and delay ejaculation better. But if something works in theory, it doesn’t mean it should be done.

Why Doubling Condoms Is Not a Good Idea

ֿThe primary role of condoms is protection against sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and unplanned pregnancy. Wearing two condoms at once increases the risk of those condoms breaking, due to intense rubbing.

You won’t like this method because putting one condom on top of the other is hard and uncomfortable. If you manage to put them in place, sex won’t be much fun. And isn’t the point of lovemaking to enjoy it and feel as much as possible?

Which Condoms Make a Man Last Longer?

If you want to try wearing (one) condom to prolong intercourse, or if this is any way your method of protection, choose condoms that can help you delay ejaculation:

  • Extra thick condoms (sometimes called “extra safe” or labeled “for anal sex”) will be the best choice to limit sensitivity.

  • “Climax control” condoms are lubricated with a numbing gel on the inside, reducing your sensations.

How To Use Condoms Properly?

If you’re planning to use a condom to last longer in bed, but also to avoid pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections, use them correctly. It sounds easy, but there are some basic things that men forget about:

  • Never open a pack of condoms using sharp objects. Be careful with long nails.

  • To find out which way the condom will unroll, you can blow some air into it.

  • Make sure to pinch the tip as you unroll the condom on your penis. This way, there won’t be extra air in the semen container at the tip, and you’ll reduce the risk of tearing.

  • Don’t wait too long before withdrawing your penis after ejaculation. If you completely lose the erection, the condom may slip off and stay in your partner’s vagina or anus.

Tips For Lasting Longer Without Condoms

OK, and what if you’re in a mutually exclusive relationship and don’t need to use condoms? Is there a way to last longer without them? Here are some tips to last longer without a condom:

Warm Yourself Up

If you’re one of many guys who climax sooner than they would wish with a partner, but who control ejaculation when they masturbate, try warming yourself up before intercourse.

You can either touch yourself, so that your penis gets used to stimulation, and you won’t get too hot, too fast, when you have connected with your partner’s body. Another option is to bring yourself to orgasm, get some rest, and restart erotic play. Chances are you’ll last longer the second time around.

Know Thyself

Awareness is critical in climax control. If you want to delay ejaculation, you should learn to recognize your “point of no return.” This is the moment when you’re so aroused that you can no longer stop the ejaculation.

Spotting that moment is only the first step; the second one is even harder. You must stop whatever you’re doing and try to relax. You need to wait it out until excitement fades a bit. Then you can start again. This method could help you last longer but at the expense of your partner. She or he may not be happy if you pause and disturb their pleasure.

Manage Anxiety

Sometimes the difficulty in controlling ejaculation is psychological. Experts call it performance anxiety. It’s like a vicious circle: you want to succeed in the bedroom, and the more you want it, the more your body gets tense – and refuses to cooperate.

Depending on the severity of anxiety, you may try mindfulness techniques, working with a therapist, or taking prescription medication. Sometimes couples therapy can help you reduce the pressure to prove yourself.

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