Fun and Adventurous Gifts for Him

Fun and Adventurous Gifts for Him

Martha Kempner - Writer And Sexual Health Expert

5 min read - July 12, 2023

Everybody likes sexy birthday presents, and there’s no need for gifts to be limited to birthdays, anniversaries, or Valentine’s Day. Sometimes the best present is the one you get on a random Tuesday.


There’s also no reason that gift giving in a relationship should go one way, with men bringing home flowers or jewelry like they did in old movies. Getting your man a “just because” present is a great way to show that you always think about him.

Why not make it a little naughty if you’re in a gift-buying mood?  A sexy present can show your partner some appreciation and spice up your sex life in the process.

What’s a Naughty Gift?

Everyone’s definition of naughty is a little different, but we like to think of it as anything that hints at sex—specifically, the sex you really want to have with him. Your gift could scream sex loudly (a sex toy for him), say it playfully (a dirty board game), or whisper it romantically (roses, candles, and lingerie are cliché for a reason).

Why Give Him a Naughty Gift?

Gifts say, “I love you,” “I appreciate you,” and “I want you to be happy.” Naughty gifts say all of these things, plus “I desire you” and “I want you to feel pleasure.” These are great things to speak to a partner, whether you’re just starting out or have been together for years.

Benefits of sexy gifts for your husband

An unexpected naughty gift can celebrate all the things that are going right in your sex life, but it can also be helpful when you’re in a rut. You can choose a present that makes him feel sexy, offers new ideas you can do together, or solves a problem you’re worried about.

One word of caution: if your partner suspects you’re feeling less than satisfied, he might see the gift as a criticism rather than an expression of your desire to improve things. Promise him that the present is not a bad report card but an investment in your mutual pleasure.

6 Naughty Gifts for Him (and You) to Enjoy

You know your partner best, but here are some gift ideas to get you started.

  • A Pair of Silky Underwear. The feel of silk against the skin can get anyone turned on regardless of gender or body parts. For a guy who is used to simple cotton boxers, walking around in something silky can feel naughty in and of itself. Check out the selection of silk boxers and briefs at Sulis.
  • A Massage Candle. Any candle can set the mood for a romantic and sensual night, but these candles do even more. As they melt, the wax turns into massage oil that you can rub on each other. Try this candle from Coco de Mer, available at Cult Beauty.
  • A Game to Play, Sex Gifts for Men. Sex should be fun; these games can get you laughing, talking, and turning on. With names like Naughty or Nice, Sex Time, and Pillow Talk, these are not the board games you’re used to and are not boring. You could also pick up a pack of Kama Sutra cards or a set of foreplay dice; what you do next is based on luck.  Check out Ann Summers’ selection of games and other gifts.

  • A Bottle of Good Lube. This may not seem like much of a present but given how important the slippery stuff is to good sex—whether it’s masturbation or partner play—putting a bow on a bottle of lube is always a kind gesture. Silicone lubes are good for vaginal and anal sex, but clean up can be a little more difficult. Water-based lubes are best for sex toy use and wash off well, but can get dry too fast. Shop around for a favorite; just remember that you can’t use oil-based lube with condoms or silicone-based lube with most sex toys. has a lot of options.

  • A Masturbation Sleeve. These toys wrap the penis in slippery warmth the way a vagina does. They can be simple silicone sleeves that you add lube to or sophisticated toys that squeeze to provide the right amount of pressure. This gift can give him permission to masturbate when you’re apart, and you can play with it together to learn what he likes most. Check out the choices at Lovehoney.
  • An in2 device. Boost your partner’s sexual stamina and help him last even longer (and feel even better) with this wearable device. It was scientifically engineered to enhance his ability to contract his pelvic-floor muscles, and it’s been clinically proven to delay ejaculation giving you more time to explore each other.

Choosing the Right Naughty Gift for Him

It isn’t easy to choose perfect present, and giving a sexy gift can make you feel extra vulnerable. Here are some tips for finding the best gift:

  • Know his vibe. Think of what your partner is like. Is he romantic or playful? Does he love laughing and playing games? Or is a quiet, sensual evening more his speed? Use this as a starting point.
  • Make it personal. We’ve all been given gifts that seem generic (think Christmas scarf or scented soaps). If you’re giving a naughty gift, it’s even more important that it feels personal. Give him something he’s mentioned before, get it in his favorite color, or shop at the store that you passed on your first date but were too shy to go into.

  • Push, but not too far. You can use this gift to push your partner out of his comfort zone, just be careful about going too far. A sex toy can be a thoughtful present but if he’s told you he has no interest in anal, skip the butt plug for now. This isn’t saying you can never add anal to your repertoire, but that should be a decision you make together.

Most importantly, don’t stress. This is supposed to be fun. The gesture alone will say you care about him and about your sex life. If the gift isn’t perfect, you can always shop for other kinky birthday ideas for him (and maybe pick out something for you while you’re at it).