How to Make Your Man Last Longer in Bed

Anka Grzywacz - Sexologist And Certified Sex Coach

5 min read - July 12, 2023

You know the feeling. It's date night, and you're having fun with your partner. Things get intimate, and … it all ends too soon, leaving you both unsatisfied. The good news is that you can learn how to make a guy last longer.

How Long Can He Last in Bed?


But first, let's do a quick reality check. Many couples think they have a problem with premature ejaculation when they don't. Intercourse lasts a few minutes on average, not hours. An international survey revealed that men aged 18 to 30 last approximately 6.5 minutes. The average penetration time for older guys (over 51 years) is 4.3 minutes.

According to sex therapists, premature ejaculation happens when a man ejaculates sooner than he and his partner would wish. But there's a catch, especially for heterosexual couples. The orgasm gap is real, which means women usually take longer to experience orgasm than men. So, while those three minutes may be sufficient for your guy, they may not be for you.


How To Make Your Man Last Longer?

Most men are sensitive about their sexual performance. If he can’t control his ejaculation, he may want to solve it alone. Some men are so ashamed that they won’t talk to their partners at all.

Your role as his companion is to tell him that it’s OK to have bedroom challenges, and that you’re in this together. Plus, you can always have a few tricks up your sleeve to help him last longer.

Play Before You Play

This one will serve you both well, especially if you’re a heterosexual couple. Instead of taking the usual route – arousal, intercourse, and orgasm (at least for him) – enjoy longer erotic play and bring each other to climax without penetration. You can enjoy sensual touch, oral stimulation, and mutual masturbation.

The idea behind this is that men have a refractory period.

It means they need to rest after orgasm, before they can get hard and ejaculate again. And the second time he gets aroused is usually less intense, and he can last longer.

An extra perk is that you will get all the attention you need. If you have one orgasm from oral or a sex toy on your clitoris, you’re more likely to come again during penetrative intercourse

Rubber Is Your Friend

Most men don’t like using condoms because they dull sensations. But with premature ejaculation, that side effect is exactly what he might need to last longer! Modern condoms are very thin, so they won’t reduce his pleasure too much, but you’ll gain time to enjoy the most intimate connection.

Slow Him Down

Some guys struggle with premature ejaculation because they are used to going fast. They developed this pattern in their teenage years, when they had to masturbate secretly, worrying that someone might see them.

Encourage your lover to take it slow, especially at the start of intercourse. He should pace his thrusting and find a pleasant rhythm that lets him last longer. You can also alternate movements – first, he moves for a minute or two, then pauses and lets you do the work.

make him last longer

Hold It Tight

There’s an effective hands-on trick called the squeeze technique that you can test. When you notice your partner is getting very excited, squeeze his penis with your fingers, between the head and the shaft.

This method works best for experienced couples – you or your partner must recognize when he’s about to reach the point of no return. This is a state when he can no longer stop the ejaculation. The downside is that to do the squeeze, you need to interrupt lovemaking. Not an ideal situation, especially if you were about to come.

Take Some Pressure Off

One of the biggest reasons men can’t control their climax is anxiety. Your partner wants to prove himself as a skillful lover; sometimes, that tension can be premature ejaculation.

If you think about it, it’s a lot for a man – that feeling that his sexual stamina is necessary for your satisfaction. Ensure him that even if sex doesn’t last as long as you both would wish, it’s OK, and there are many sensual things you can do together after he ejaculates.

Avoid Certain Positions

You may have heard that sexual positions can help you get pregnant or experience a G-spot orgasm. But not all parts are suitable for everyone. Men with premature ejaculation should avoid specific configurations, for example:

  • Doggy style. This position puts him in control. He can quickly forget himself and start thrusting vigorously. Plus, he has an amazing view of your backside, which increases his arousal.
  • Missionary position. This sexual classic also gives the man freedom of movement, and he can quickly go from 0 to 100.
  • Seashell position. This one is similar to missionary but allows him to go even deeper. The woman lies on her back, her legs raised as high as possible, supporting them with her hands. The intense sensation can quickly fire up his orgasm.


Wearable device to Make Him Last Longer

What if you could help your man last longer whenever he needs a bit of support? Now it’s easy with a small, wearable device called in2.

You can help him apply it on his perineum (that’s the area between his genitals and anus) and switch it on when you’re both ready. The device will gently stimulate his pelvic floor muscles to delay ejaculation.

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