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The world’s smartest FDA-cleared wearable device to prolong sexual intercourse. Developed by experts to enhance the natural mechanism of your body. 

Clinically Proven
Drug Free
Immediate Effect
CE Marked
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Delay Ejaculation, Feel Everything

in2 works with your body to boost sexual stamina. The device stimulates your muscles and enhances your ability to contract the pelvic-floor muscles to delay ejaculation (the same muscles used to stop urine).

Enjoy the immediate effect of in2, with better ejaculation control and prolonged intimacy.

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No scheduling or waiting

in2 is ready whenever you need it and has an immediate effect so you can relax and focus on enjoying your intimate moments.

No numbing or desensitizing

in2 creates a powerful sensation of complete pleasure in that special moment of intimate connection with your partner.

No drugs

in2 targets your pelvic floor muscles to help you last longer without taking any drugs or chemicals. 

No prescriptions

No prescriptions needed, skip waiting rooms and pharmacy lines.

No discomfort

Ergonomic shape that fits the male anatomy perfectly. This flexible device is designed for maximum comfort. 

in2 is backed by robust clinical data


Reported a significant improvement in overall experience


Improvement in time to ejaculation

* Compared to the sham group


Reported of sensing more intense orgasms when using the in2 patch


Endorsed by Experts

In my opinion, in2 is more practical than numbing sprays and creams.  

There's none of that bathroom routine before sex, getting the timing right, and washing it off so we don't numb our partners and all of that. And there aren't the side effects of SSRI medication either. And partners don't mind the device at all. It doesn't ruin the moment.

Jason Dean
Sex Educator

Serving as a Principal Investigator in the clinical study, I received feedback from more than 30 patients.

The majority had a positive experience and appreciated in2 for delaying ejaculation, being able to use the device spontaneously /on-demand, maintaining full genital sensations and ease of use. This device has the potential of being a long-term option for management of PE.

Prof. Nicola Mondaini , M.D.
Villa Donatello Clinic Florence, Italy.

Of the men who tested in2, the majority had a positive experience for being able to have spontaneous and prolonged intercourse without loss of genital sensitivity. 

The device proved to be very safe (no adverse events were reported), easy to use, and has the potential of being a first-line treatment for management of PE.

Prof. Rocco Damiano
Director of the Urological Clinic
Mater Domini University Hospital, Italy

Serving as a Principal Investigator in the clinical study, most of the patients were very satisfied with the effect of prolonging the intercourse without the numbing effect that many popular solutions cause.

in2 not only enhanced their sexual experience on a physical level, but the men also gained more confidence and satisfaction in their intimate relations.

Dr. Arik Schechter
ILSSM President
Medical Director at Virility Medical

in2's discreet nature allows us to maintain our spontaneity and avoid the awkwardness that sometimes accompanies using other products such as topical creams.

A remarkable aspect of in2 is the empowerment they bring to both partners. Instead of relying solely on a topical solution that affects one partner's sensations the devices encourage mutual exploration and engagement. The convenience of these devices cannot be overstated. With easy application and minimal wait time, they seamlessly integrate into intimacy. 

Venus Libido
Sex Educator

The reviews are in

Will order more!

I just finished the whole pack. I have to say it gets easier with practice when you know how to stick it on. I like that I don’t have to kill the mood to use it.

Hyden D.

This is it.

Worth every penny. Does what it says it will do. Quick and discreet delivery.

Oscar P.

Good for spontaneous sex.

with other products you have to wait for them to work, with this little gimmick I was ready in seconds. It’s small and comes in sealed packs so you can always have it at hand.

Theo H.

I lasted longer.

My stamina is OK but I wanted to see if I can go longer with in2.

Nathaniel K

Longer sex without drugs.

I really like that this device is not chemical and it’s not a drug. I don’t want my boyfriend to risk side effects just to delay his climax.

Charlotte C.

Good for both partners!

We tried the starter first and he said the high intensity one was better so we got another pack. It buys us some precious minutes and he can feel it too. So I like that there’s equal pleasure here.

Grace M.

Doesn’t numb his pleasure.

My husband and I have been together for a long, long time. And PE has always been a problem. We tried many things and weren’t happy with the results.

From time to time he uses delay spray but I know he’s sacrificing his pleasure for me and I don’t want that. We like to try new things, so we active kit. I really like that it doesn’t numb his penis, he can be fully present with me.

Imogen K.

Glad I convinced my BF to use it.

My boyfriend has PE and he’s always very stressed when we make love. He says it kills the mood when he has to prepare, rubbing in that PYT balm or other creams.

Long story short, we tried it and were happy. He was able to last longer and I really enjoyed it. It’s great because we can be more spontaneous and just use it when we’re in the mood.

Alice S.

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