Prelander - How to Last Longer in Bed: Tips to Delay Ejaculation

How to Last Longer in Bed: Tips to Delay Ejaculation

July 12, 2023 | Anka Grzywacz - Sexologist And Certified Sex Coach

Summary: Take home message: If you want to delay ejaculation you should work on your sex techniques and choose best positions to prolong intercourse. Learn to relax and read the signs of your body for ejaculation control. Boost your lasting power with a brand-new patch to delay ejaculation. in2 patch is clinically proven and doesn’t have a numbing effect. More fun for you and your partner!

Having sex is a bit like looking for a new house. You always hope for something more. More space, a better location, or… more pleasure and the ability to last longer in bed. If you come too soon from time to time, it’s not a big deal. But if it happens regularly, it becomes a problem for you and your partner. Try our expert tips to last longer – from edging techniques to a special patch to delay ejaculation.

How Long Should Sex Last?

Most men want to last longer in bed but how long is enough? There’s a difference between the time of intercourse and the time a couple spends doing sexy things, like manual or oral play. On average vaginal sex lasts 5.4 minutes. American and Canadian say three to seven minutes for heterosexual couples is quite OK. Going on for up to thirteen minutes is described as “desired.” What really matters is how you and your partner feel about the duration of sex. If you usually climax within one or two minutes from the beginning of penetration, you may suffer from premature ejaculation. Anything above is a matter of your body’s abilities and personal preferences.

Tips on How To Last Longer in Bed

Eager to have longer sex? Try our hacks to delay ejaculation. Experiment and see what works for you and your lover. But don’t put too much pressure on yourself! The key is to have fun with it.

Timing Is Everything

Remember when you were a teenager, and you could hardly keep yourself from ejaculating the second you saw an erotic picture or film? As a grown-up you may be able to last longer in bed, but timing is still important. Don’t start intercourse when you’re super aroused. Wait this initial excitement out, focusing on your partner. Aim to start penetration when you’re in that middle range of arousal. Not too little and not too much. This way you can build it up and gain precious minutes.

Make Friends With Lube

Time to get wet! Adding some water-based lubricant will reduce the intense sensations of thrusting that get you over the edge. Be careful with those gels and creams for climax control. They numb your penis, so yes, you may last a bit longer, but it will come at the price. And if they get on your partner’s private parts, it will limit her or his sensations too.

Move Into Position

Have you ever noticed that actors constantly change sexual positions in porn films? Giving you the best view of the action isn’t the only reason behind it. It’s also a trick to last longer. Try switching positions at least once or twice. It forces you to slow down, take a short break, and rearrange your bodies. Your arousal will subside, and you will delay ejaculation. You may also alternate between penetration and oral sex.

Try these positions to prolong intercourse:
Classic spoons. The principle is simple - you enter your partner from behind while you both lie on the side. In this cuddly pose it’s difficult to do fast thrusting. It forces you to slow down. Plus, your partner can use an external vibrator for added pleasure.

With your partner on top, she’s in control and can slow down time, moving sensually and instructing you to take deep breaths. You may even try the stop-start method where you pause all movement once your excitement reaches a high level. You breathe and enjoy the connection and when you’ve cooled down a bit, you can start the fun again.

Cross. This one is hard to imagine at first. If you were to look at a couple doing it, their bodies would cross in the middle. She rests her thighs over your pelvis and her legs lie behind you. This position is good because it limits your range of motion, making it more difficult to speed things up.

Master New Moves

Learning how to last longer in bed means expanding your sexual repertoire. Get creative and find new ways to have intercourse. Your partner will love them too! Here’s what you can try: Shallow penetration. Stimulating your partner’s genitals with your penis but without going inside. Allowing your partner to do all the moving. Asking your partner to squeeze their pelvic floor muscles.

Chill to Last

Harry has suffered from premature ejaculation for a few years. It started when he got a demanding job at a financial company. His daily stress levels were through the roof and when it was time to make love to his beautiful wife, he climaxed quickly. He was so stressed that he wasn’t paying attention to the signals of his body. Once he mastered some breathing techniques and took a stress management course, things started improving. To delay ejaculation, you need to learn to relax and identify the moment when you can’t stop the orgasm. Change starts outside the bedroom. Get a meditation or mindfulness app for your phone. Sign up for that yoga class your girlfriend has been nagging you about. Be patient and you’ll see the results.


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