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How To Last Longer With the in2 Patch

The in2 Patch is a completely new solution for men who want to last longer in bed. Let’s say you have a date with your girlfriend in the evening. You like her very much, but you feel a bit worried. A few times you’ve had sex before, you always came too soon.

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I have lifelong PE and everything I tried came at a high cost for me. To last longer and satisfy my partner I had to make my penis numb. With those delay creams or PYT balm my pleasure was maybe 5/10. Strong painkillers work but I don’t want to pump chemicals into my body all the time and get addicted. This patch is the first thing I tried that leRead more about review stating Doesn’t numb my penists me last longer and feel everything. There’s small discomfort of having something stick to your body but it’s not more annoying than wearing a condom.

Marcus S.

OK so let me describe my experience to help other guys have best results. My first tip: read the instructions or watch the video first! (theres a QR code on the pack) Second thing- don't open the foil pack until you're ready to use it. You can put it on before sex. If you need a condom, put the in2 on first and rubber next. Make sure to stick it iRead more about review stating in2 patch reviewn the right direction like in the picture! And remember that the patch needs to be on, there's a small button you need to push. My general impression was positive. I normally last a minute and this time I could thrust for about 3. It didn’t disturb me or my partner. 

Quinn H.

My husband and I have been together for a long, long time. And PE has always been a problem. We tried many things and weren’t happy with the results. From time to time he uses delay spray but I know he’s sacrificing his pleasure for me and I don’t want that. We like to try new things so we bought the in2 starter kit. I really like that it doesn’t Read more about review stating Doesn’t numb his pleasurenumb his penis, he can be fully present with me. It gave us a few extra minutes of intimacy and that’s all we need at this point. I’m not expecting him to go for hours but I like feeling him inside. We tried the low and high intensity patch and he liked the stronger one better.

Imogen K.

I’m a guy who normally lasts between 30 seconds to two minutes tops (and that’s when I had some alcohol before to slow me down). After trying the starter kit I decided to stick with the high intensity patches. I’m on my second pack now and really enjoying it. No numbing, no pain, no waiting. I can just put it in place, switch it on and forget. A fRead more about review stating I lasted 5 minutes!ew times I lasted around five minutes I think and we both felt the difference – my partner and I. This one is a keeper

Nathan J.